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Texas homeowners, 62 and older, can use a reverse mortgage to turn part of their home equity into usable cash.

No repayment is due as long as one of the borrowers lives in the home. The amount available from a reverse mortgage depends on the value of the home, age of the borrowers, and interest rate at the time of closing. Most reverse mortgage loans in Texas are under US government programs.
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This web site is designed to provide reverse mortgage information that is Texas-specific. We hope to provide valuable information to people and their families considering a reverse mortgage, as well as mortgage, financial and tax professionals, CPAs and attorneys. We work diligently to keep this site up to date and accurate. If you spot something that needs to be changed, please [contact us].

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Reverse Mortgage Proceeds Reduced
As we predicted, senior homeowners considering a reverse mortgage found the amount available was severely reduced beginning October 1.
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Supplementing Shaky Retirement
Falling and unstable housing prices along with unexpected losses in retirement funds has caused many senior homeowners to take a hard look at getting a reverse mortgage on their home.
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